Cambiar Investors Announces Agreement with Precidian Investments

Cambiar Investors, a leading global relative value manager, announced it has entered into a licensing agreement with Precidian Investments, LLC to utilize its actively managed, exchange traded fund (ETF) model. Precidian’s proprietary ActiveShares® technology will allow Cambiar to offer actively managed investment strategies in an ETF without the requirement of daily disclosure of portfolio holdings.

Cambiar Investors has entered into a licensing agreement with Precidian Investments to utilize its actively managed, exchange traded fund (ETF) model.

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Applying Cambiar’s long-standing relative value investment approach coupled with Precidian’s industry leading ActiveShares® platform will permit Cambiar to combine active stock picking with the tax and cost benefitsI found in an ETF structure.

“We are excited to enter the active ETF space,” said Brian Barish, Chief Investment Officer of Cambiar. “We believe that the ActiveShares® methodology is an excellent vehicle for Cambiar’s investment strategies and will provide our investors with a unique combination of benefits such as real-time pricing, confidential format, and portfolio efficiency.”

Cambiar joins a growing number of asset management firms using Precidian’s structure, which combines aspects of traditional mutual funds with the flexibility of an ETF. Said Precidian CEO Daniel McCabe, “We are pleased to welcome Cambiar as one of our partners leveraging the ActiveShares® ETF structure. The semi-transparent ETF structure protects our partner’s proprietary research and strategy while allowing them to offer their clients the efficiency they are looking for.”

About Cambiar Investors

Cambiar Investors is a Denver-based, investment management firm founded in 1973. Cambiar utilizes a ‘Relative Value’ investment philosophy across a wide range of strategies. Its disciplined, research-driven investment approach, coupled with being a 100% employee-owned organization, creates a corporate culture that shares a common pursuit of excellence with clients.

About Precidian Investments

Precidian Investments is an industry leader in the creation of innovative financial products, specializing in exchange-traded fund (ETF) and mutual fund development and associated trading and pricing technologies. Precidian designs and develops next-generation tools for the mutual industry, ETF providers and leading financial services institutions to meet the needs of today’s more sophisticated investors. Expertise in product development, trading, clearance, sales, technology and securities law enables Precidian to more efficiently design and build cutting-edge financial instruments.

Please consult your tax professional for more information regarding the potential tax benefits.